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The Power of Together

Great blessing for us to have Senator Bracy spend a few hours touring our operations to gain more insight in how to support our workforce through  unprecedented disruption.     


88 Looks Great!

Let's celebrate for we have turned 88! We celebrate another milestone in our company's history this week - 88 years ago we were incorporated. We are humbled and proud at the same time to be a company that started in the Great Depression, lived through WWII, survived the 2008 crash, pulled through last year, and pivots to be relevant to the market and our customers.


Joyous Easter!

As we enter into the Holy Weekend known as Easter, may you take some time reflect on the great love and sacrifice of a King who cared so much about you that He gave it all up so you could be in heaven with Him forever. Happy, joyous Easter to you and yours! #wonderfulSavior #greatlove #Easter #Jesus #John316 #emptytomb


Award Winning Recognition

We are sending a shout out to one of our partners, Hurd Construction, for their recent recognition and award from the NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Development Association's NE Florida Awards Gala! Congratulations to Joe and Hurd on getting the "Renovation Project of the Year" award for 2020 for B the Bakery project!! We are honored that we were able to play a part by providing the birch doors, hollow metal doors, and hardware for the Bakery. Way to go Hurd! What a great accomplishment. 


It's WIC Week and We Are Women Opening Doors!

This week has been WIC Week across the country - Women In Construction Week. There have been celebrations, recognitions, and appreciations for all the accomplishments women have made in the construction industry.


Wrapping It Up - Putting a Pretty Bow on Lean

Over the last few videos you've seen what lean thinking looks like, how it works in practice, the benefit to workers, the company, and the customers. Hopefully your understanding and appreciation for lean implementation has grown. Today we are doing a final wrap up and introducing new lean processes - kanban, wip (work in process), and andon systems. These all aid workers to know what and when something needs to be done. Each of these serves as (self-directed) triggers.


Lean Process - Can Work Wait?

Ever been at work waiting on direction from someone so you can get your job done? It can be frustrating and a waste of time. One of the purposes of lean is to create "value". Wasted time does not create value and therefore is identified and eliminated. The adage, "A picture is worth a thousand words" holds true in this lean application. 


From Point A to Point Pick Up

Our Hollow Metal Shop Supervisor takes us on a mini tour of the hollow metal shop. He tells us how a door becomes ready for its project. Using lean principles, he explains how process flow works for the material and labor within this shop. Is a water spider friend or foe? Tune in and find out. Bonus on this segment - watch until the end to see the sparks fly! #millsnebraska #commercialdoors #lean Watch the video:


Lean Leadership

What is Lean Leadership and how do employees take ownership of their work? It starts with the culture. Creating and fostering an environment of growth is key to opening the door to successful lean implementation. Lean leaders aren’t micromanagers, their role is more teacher and coach. They help employees see the significance of their role and how the employees' performance can help them or hinder them.


Looking Lean This Week

Has the beginning of the new year inspired you to set goals to lose weight, be healthier, and/or get rid of clutter? Similar principles that apply to our personal overall well-being can be applied to a healthy business as well. At Mills & Nebraska we have been looking lean for a while and the results benefit our customers and our company. We eliminate waste which increases profitability. We make sure things have a place and are put in their place. When things are in order it minimizes - and even eliminates - chaos. Can you see the personal to professional parallels of being lean?


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