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Learning, Launching, and Laughs

NAWIC’s Southeast Region’s 14 Chapters held their annual Spring Forum Friday and Saturday in Orlando. It was a jam-packed event that included networking, speakers, panel discussion, business items, tacky tourists, awards, and more. Mills is honored to be a Sponsor for this event and for our local NAWIC Chapter.


Good News About A Bridge!

Even though today may be a somber day for some, Sunday is coming! The darker the night, the brighter the light. Easter is filled with soo much good news and hope.


Big News!

Have you heard the latest? We are rubbing our eyes and cleaning out our ears to make sure we were reading and hearing this right. Drum roll please... Steel, metal, lumber, asphalt, gas, chicken wings, and used car prices have dropped and are back to 2018 prices. Que the confetti!!


Did You Get Pinched Today?

Today is the day you can be pinched if you are not wearing green. It’s St. Patrick’s Day and legend goes if you aren’t wearing green a leprechaun can see you and pinch you. For some who just like to be tricky, it’s a pass to pinch people.


Is Your Calendar Marked? It is WIC Week!

Coast to Coast and North to South this week there are celebrations, presentations, and gatherings applauding all things women and construction. WIC Week celebrates Women In Construction and was started by NAWIC (National Association of Women in Construction.)


Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

Not to make your mood morose, but it's not new news that we are in unique and challenging times. It is in these times that we can bury our head in the proverbial sand or look up and seek some creative solutions.


Happy Presidents' Day or Is It?

Today is not just a day schools, banks, the stock market, or post offices are closed but it is a day to pause and reflect on our founding father and first President, George Washington. Some call this holiday “Presidents Day” but officially it really is “Washington’s Birthday”.


Hello, Will You Be Our Valentine?

We are feeling the love around here on this Valentine's Day and we wanted to send some love your way. So we've penned a little ditty, we hope you think is pretty witty.


Merry Christmas!

An Original Thankgiving Poem For You

Giving Thanks © 2021


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