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Postal Specialties

postal_specialtiesAre you looking for Residential or Commercial mailboxes and collection boxes?

MN has the solution for your construction needs.

  • Front- and rear-loading units available on all Florence versatile TM 4C modules
  • Surface-mount collar available on all 4C modules creates a sleek, finished look
  • New Trash/Recycling Bin modules now available for most versatile TM 4C suites
  • Exclusive pre-engineered mail shelter kits with aluminum roof trusses, side panels, 4C mailbox casings, horizontal supports and high strength steel vertical supports
  • Unique pre-engineered mail station kits with optional solar lights
  • For single module installations, exclusive indoor/outdoor stand alone kiosk kit
  • Custom placards (1-999) or engraving for tenant door ID options
  • Two engraved in-fill color options: black or white (new)       
  • Outgoing Mail slot plug kit
  • Combination lock option for private use applications
Postal Specialties Include:       
  • Central Mail Delivery Boxes    
  • Mail Collection Boxes
  • Receiving Boxes           
  • Mail Boxes     
  • Apartment Mail Boxes        
  • Parcel Lockers               
  • 1Package Depositories
  • Mail Chutes