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Specialty Commercial Doors

MILLS & NEBRASKA is national division 8 supplier of specialty doors and hardware.

MILLS & NEBRASKA provides engineering services for new construction projects and updates to existing commercial buildings.

Our expertise is in customizing and installing all types of interior and exterior commercial doors and includes:

  •          Sound rated
  •          Fire rated / Temperature rise
  •          Bullet and blast resistant
  •          Architectural Wood Flush / Stile and Rail
  •          Embossed Hardboard
  •          Prefinished
  •          Paneled doors
  •          Wind Storm / Hurricane rated 
  •          Storm PRO 361 FEMA doors for tornados
  •          Lead lined Doors
  •          Fiberglass Commercial Doors
  •          Traffic Doors
  •          Weatherized Thermal Break Frames

At MILLS & NEBRASKA we carry only the most well respected brands so that we can offer our clients the best doors for their application. 



  • Ambico
  • Chase-Duras
  • Eliason
  • Overly
  • Security Metal Products