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Commercial Door Hardware

At Mills & Nebraska we know that door hardware not only has to be functional, it also needs to be aesthetically pleasing. Let us help you find the right hardware for your door that combines the best in functionality with the aesthetics of your space.


Door hardware is an integral part of a doors function and longevity, and commercial door hardware even more so than residential door hardware.

When we talk about door hardware, we are referring to

  • door levers
  • knobs
  • deadbolts
  • exit devices
  • overhead door stops
  • push pull latches
  • keypad locks and other locking devices.

This is why commercial door hardware is so important. For instance, finding a top-of-the-line storm rated hurricane door is only going to get you so far if you don't pair it with equally well manufactured, storm rated hardware.

Commercial locks and exit devices are vitally important to a commercial doors function. Many commercial applications rely on state-of-the-art locking mechanisms to ensure security. Secured facilities often have multiple layers of security, and each locking mechanism must perform as intended.

Similarly, many specialty purpose doors require corresponding hardware to function as intended. Blast doors require specific hardware, as do hurricane rated doors and fire doors.

Just because hardware is functional, doesn't mean aesthetics are unimportant. Commercial door hardware can also contribute greatly to the aesthetics of a space. While the door itself is more visually dominant, the door hardware is a subtle but important piece of the overall aesthetics.

Which is why we work with some of the best door hardware manufacturers to bring you functional, durable, and beautiful door hardware to complete any project. We have highlighted some of these manufacturers on our blog, showcasing their style and impressive commercial door hardware specifications. Follow the links below to see what a difference the right commercial door hardware can make.

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