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Commercial Door Frames

Finding the right door to seamlessly blend into your construction and satisfy your building requirements is an important part of any construction project. Once you've found your doors, however, the door frames you chose are just as important.

The right commercial door frames can transform a door from functional to a beautiful complete aspect of a structure. As part of Mills & Nebraska's mission to provide complete door solutions for any type of project, we stock some of the finest door frames.

Some of our door frame suppliers include:

  • Corrim
  • Special-Lite
  • Therma-Tru
  • Security Metal Products
  • Ceco
  • Precision Frameworks

Mills & Nebraska has decades of experience in commercial construction, which means that our staff has the experience and ability to help you design and install door frames for every type of situation and industry. From wood to aluminum, we have the capability to ensure that every frame fits perfectly in any type of wall.

We can also provide a wide range of special purpose door frame, including:

  • Hollow metal
  • Metal
  • Stainless steel
  • Security door frames
  • Blast resistant
  • FRP
  • Fire rated

For many specialty door frames striking the ideal balance between form and function can be a balancing act. Our suppliers, however, meld durability, functionality, and aesthetics to provide some of the most functional doors and frames.

Take, for instance, this line of blast and pressure resistant doors and frames.


Mills & Nebraska also stocks full line doors and hardware to make us your one stop shop to complete your opening. Contact us to learn more about our complete door, frame, and hardware solutions.