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  • commercial building solutions
  • commercial building solutions
  • commercial building solutions
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Commercial Building Solutions

At MILLS & NEBRASKA we focus on commercial builders and commercial building projects.  We have been doing this for over 80 years so we know what it takes for a contractor and building project to be successful.  

We focus on companies that are:

  • Commercial Building Contractors
  • National Commercial Building Accounts
  • Commercial Building Products End Users

We help meet commercial building owner and contractors supply needs including building design support. We translate commercial building requests into reality.  We are capable of being a design partner helping you eliminate steps in the construction design process.

Our expertise in security, access control, design aesthetics, code compliance, functionality (fire and wind certification), drawings/CAD as well as door and architectural specialty fabrication and installation position us to uniquely help you.

With our knowledge of project management we help contractors can start jobs faster by getting what they need quickly – for example, we supply hollow metal frames to build out a wall and then install the doors and hardware.  Because we both supply and fabricate we can help you wherever and whenever you most need us in the course of the project.

Our reach nationally and large inventory locally position MILLS & NEBRASKA to supply doors and hardware for new construction projects for both regional and national accounts.  

Over the Counter/Walk Ins

One thing that sets MILLS & NEBRASKA apart is our extensive inventory and walk in business.

We have the team and the time to work with you to determine the best solution for your customers and with our inventory you can most likely walk out with the solution.  With MILS & NEBRASKA you get:

  1. Extensive inventory
  2. Service people available to help
  3. Fabrication Shop – tools, equipment, people, experience
  4. People + Technology + Inventory = Service